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Der Karneval von Santa Cruz

Von Alba Soler Lozano, 2º de Bachillerato

Rhythmus, Farbe, Extravaganz, Luxus und natürlich das brillanteste Spektakel. Der Karneval von Santa Cruz de Tenerife ist die beliebteste Party in dieser Stadt. Es ist das Ereignis mit den meisten Besuchern auf den Kanarischen Inseln. Der Karneval ist auf der ganzen Welt berühmt. Die schillernden Kostüme und die endlosen Tänze sind Teil der Feierlichkeiten und Sie sollten sich auf jeden Fall verkleiden. So schön es auch ist, die Umzüge und Straßenaktionen zu beobachten, es macht doch mehr Spaß, selbst dabei zu sein. Der Karneval ist für alle ein magisches Ereignis. Wir genießen ihn mit unserer Familie und unseren Freunden und haben sehr viel Spaß.


What is distance for you?

By Marta Salido, 1º Bachillerato

What is distance for you? When you look up “distance” in a dictionary it says “distance is the space between two points”, but distance is not only that.

For some people, distance is forgetfulness, it is a book no one wants to open, pain, or just something they don’t want or will never experience. Do you want to know what distance is for me?

Distance, apart from being the space between two points, is the space between two hearts. When you are far away from the person you love the most, the word “distance” is always in your mouth. It’s not easy, I can tell you that it’s not easy. That feeling when you want to say “in 5 minutes in front of the cinema” but you can’t. Why? Because of the distance. When you just feel blue and you want to grab your keys and go to the house of that person because you need a hug. But you can’t. When you enjoy 10 minutes with that person more than with the people that are always by your side. When you have to wait months, even years to see him or her again. When you are desperate to break the distance to be next to him or her again, even for just a day, because it will be worth it. You can also feel distance even when the person is next to you, and that is the worst feeling you could ever experience.

“Distance doesn’t matter when someone means a lot” Everyone knows that sentence, but doesn’t it really not matter? They can’t know the real meaning of distance until they have it in their life.

In conclusion, distance is the space between two points, but it is more than that, it’s something you need to be strong to face it.

Fun and bad experience

By Silvia González Tabares, 1º de Bachillerato

Since I was a child, I used to hate clowns a lot, they were one of my worst nightmares, as well as insects, so I’m going to write about a funny and also scary feeling I had a month ago.

When the movie “IT” come out in the cinema, my brother was super excited because he loves scary movies, so he wanted to see it. He was asking me everyday about watching the film or just the trailer, but I hate scary movies. I don’t know why, one day, I had the great idea of watching the trailer with him. At first, it wasn’t that scary but the main problem came later. When I went to sleep, I couldn’t do it because I had the feeling that the clown was under my bed, so I spent all night with my phone. I remember that I was angry at my brother because he was the one that has shown me the movie, so I decided to talk to him in the morning. When my parents and also him woke up, we had breakfast and, in that moment, I told them about the previous night. I didn’t expect their reaction, because I thought that they will punish my brother or something like that, but no, they didn’t. They immediately started laughing at me so hard that they aldo cried.

So in conclusion, I knew that I hate clowns even more than insects, and that I will never be able to watch any scary movie because I need to sleep well if I don’t want to become the worst person in the world. I mean, if I don’t sleep as much as I need, I have the feeling that everything is going to be bad that day.


To The Beach

By Lucía Eugenia Alonso Eiras, 3º B-ESO
The sun had risen and his hopes did as well. He saw her across the room, nibbling a sandwich just like if she was a mouse. It really diminished the value of breakfast for him if he didn't eat with his true love.

He contemplated whether it was a good idea to go out on that wonderful and sunny day. It was their marriage anniversary, and he knew she loved the beach. So why not go to there? Despite all his doubting, he ended up assembling all his thoughts and gathering enough confidence. And so he went off, heading to what possibly could be a happy nodding or a terrible rejection and hence a hulking failure.

He flung his arms around her, and couldn't help but notice her head going against the wooden table. Her body fell limp to the floor and he immediately knelt down lest she was hurt. It made such a loud noise, that for a moment he thought the whole house had fallen down. However, when he looked around, he found everything exactly where it was. But suddenly, a realization leaped out of him; she was dead. His heart started going faster and faster to the point the beating was a muttering rather than anything related to what a heart should sound like.

He felt the so-called sorrow, sadness and unhappiness, all at the same time. Nonetheless, not even a tear rolled down his cheeks. It was a different kind of emotion, it didn't feel real. He realized how, just in a matter of seconds, his whole life changed.

He got his beloved wife's body out of the house. Her long, ivory black, straight hair moved constantly from side to side, along with the direction of the wind. With his bare feet, he started to walk towards a nearby beach, which was framed beautifully by the never stopping movement of waves.

His feet were drowning in soft sand, and so was his mind. Thoughts were coming by, staying for a while and then, finally and expectedly, leaving him alone in an apparent void. It felt rather weird, since the beach was certainly quiet, and yet the noise of the storm in his brain was the loudest thing he had ever heard.

He finally got to the shore and left her on the smooth sand, flattened by the former presence of water. Without further ado, he started digging a hole in a crossly yet sorrowful manner. The sound of the sand grains being dug, then held by the shovel and finally hitting each other after falling onto the ground was, indeed, relaxing but flustering.

He stared at her, his lovely partner, his best friend and best counselor, and delicately placed her at the bottom of the whole. He felt feeble, more so, that he was almost not able to hold the heavy shovel anymore. He didn't want to leave her alone at any rate. But he did it, he buried her.

He sat on the sand while he frowned at the dismal picture, that were clouds passing by, and the deadly silence of doubt. He smiled while he remembered what she used to tell him, which made the pokiest seed of happiness germinate inside him.
"Every cloud, has a silver lining"

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